Z Workforce

Artificial Intelligence for field teams

Like Salesforce, but easy. Like Dynamics, but fast. Simple and efficient like no other in the field.

For sales force and field services

In companies of all sizes and market segments.

Team management

Earn up to 35% of work performance by organizing and scheduling the visits and activities of each professional online.

Route optimization

Save up to 30% off time on traveling and up to 15% fuel with our route and traffic optimizer for field teams.

Data acquisition

Collect data on the field by directly receiving your database texts, audios, photos and barcode during the visits.

Online reports

Team activity reports are generated automatically. It's the end of spreadsheets, e-mail messages, and paper reports.

Do you want to improve the performance of sales or field services?


All information and customer data are always available to the professional and the team.


The professional receives updates in real time of the information that needs to make the visit.


Full log of activities in each visit directly by the mobile app, including photos and audios.


It is possible to collect and record data of both your brand and performance as well as the presence of the competition.

We make simple things really simple for sales force and field services.

  • Tools for better performance
  • Easy to apply forms
  • Integration with ERPs and CRMs
  • Easy to use by professionals

Global Platform

Z Workforce was built from ZoeMob Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning global platform, a mobile technology startup founded in 2010 and a market leader in behavioral analysis from mobile devices. There are more than 16 million users in 190 countries with 12 billion hours of mobile app usage and 80 billion registered check-ins.

Integrations with other systems.

Z Workforce can be integrated in minutes with CRMs and ERPs and more than 1,000 apps and systems

Application Screens

Z Workforce app provides faster logging and data collection on visits..

Prices and subscription plans

Z Workforce is marketed in subscription plans with monthly payment.

$25 - $49
$25.00 per app user and $49.00 per panel user. Monthly payment
App mobile
Web management panel
Route and visit management
Visit reports
Real-time location
Visit history
Unlimited forms
Integration via Zapier
SLA support: 1 business day
Maximum of 15 app users
Maximum of 3 panel users
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** Prices in US dollars ($)
Upon request
Contact us for more details about pricing and conditions
App mobile
Web management panel
Route and visit management
Visit reports
Real-time location
Visit history
Unlimited forms
Integration via Zapier
Integration via APIs
Custom reports
Route optimizer
Coverage area
SLA support: within 6 business hours
Unlimited app users
Unlimited panel users

Frequently Asked Questions

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PZ Workforce is a CRM?

No. Although the platform collects, processes and stores data from business opportunities or operational services, our focus is to make life easier for field professionals by planning and measuring the quality of their work in real time. Thus, we offer tools and insights to the managers so they can make decisions and increase the performance of their teams in the field.

PZ Workforce works in my country?

Yes. Our service works worldwide. The technology structure of Z Workforce is present in 190 countries and the service is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French.

P How long does it take to deploy to my business?

Within 5 minutes after the download you are ready to use Z Workforce with your field team. It is very fast and easy with no need for technical knowledge.

P How is Z Workforce marketed?

Our business model is based on service subscription by number of active licenses per month (both for managers with access to the web panel and for professionals in the field with access to the mobile application).

P What is needed for my team to use Z Workforce?

Basically, every field professional needs a cell phone with internet access so he/she can use the app while who is in the office monitors the team by the computer.

P Will my team need training?

Not really. Z Workforce was intended to be used without the need for formal training. But rest assured, our support team is on hand to help you by answering your questions and producing support material for online inquiries in our customer support area.

Z Workforce Features

Check out the list of available features and features.

Team management

  • Web panel for managers
  • App mobile for professionals
  • Customer registration
  • Professional registration
  • Scheduling by calendar
  • Direct map scheduling
  • Areas of coverage
  • Real-time location
  • Location history
  • Visit reports
  • Data acquisition

  • Universal collector of structured data
  • Text, number, audio, photo, barcode etc
  • Dashboard of indicators
  • Data download
  • Access via API
  • Integration with external CRMs, ERPs and BIs
  • Unlimited forms
  • Publication by categories or segments
  • Alert rules by answer value
  • Online reports

  • Custom reports
  • Use of all data dimensions
  • Business Intelligence (BI) features
  • Route optimization

  • Automatic route generator
  • Intelligent route optimizer
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